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Sport insoles
Sport insoles
Sport insoles
Sport insoles
Sport insoles
Sport insoles
Product Code: 30E AFOUR
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750 ₽

The insole provides gentle support of the longitudinal and transverse arches, as well as the unloading of the forefoot. Special relief on the underside of the insoles unloads the most problem areas in the forefoot. The covering of insoles made of genuine leather material allows the foot to breathe, promotes the creation of an optimal microclimate in shoes, protects the feet from overheating and overcooling. 

When using this insoles, the foot assumes the correct position inside the shoes, therefore it is necessary to get used to the insole. The period of habituation is from 1 to 7 days. When using these insoles, the functional endurance of the foot increases, the pain in the lower extremities and the spine is suppressed.

As a general recommendation, adults should change insoles after six months of use. However, if the person exercises, is overweight or regularly walks long distances, it is likely that the insole will need to be replaced sooner. 

In adults, the service life of the upper layer of an insole in most cases depends on:

  • the intensity of wear, i.e. how much and how often the person uses the shoe in which the orthopaedic insole is inserted;
  • the intensity of perspiration;
  • weather conditions. 


EVA, leather

Important: Insole cannot be returned as it is included in the list of non-food goods of proper quality that cannot be returned
or exchange for equivalent goods of different size, shape, dimension, style, colour or configuration. As they are items of personal hygiene.

Be careful with the color:

The color reproduction of most monitors differs from each other and the color of the finished shoe may vary within a tone.

In addition, the color of the leather may be changed by the manufacturer from batch to batch, so if the shade of the material is critical,

Write about it in a comment to the order, we will send you the current shade of material when coordinating.

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