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Shoes for your business

Shoes are the basis of the uniform and style of your brand

Choose your style of shoes

From modern sneakers to elegant classics. Our experts will help you adapt your style to create shoes, which will definitely increase the loyalty of the team and allocate you as an employer among competitors.

Since 2009, we have been manufacturing custom-made shoes and have already worked in the business segment with such companies as Ketch Up Burgers restaurant chain, Bakunin Craft brewery, Chuck restaurant, Radario, ATOL, RosSelHozBank, XD design, Comedy Radio, TNT 4, Lokomotiv sports club, Russian junior oil company Kontiki exploration, Animal Jazz rock band, Lucky Tattoo tattoo studio, Hotel Chat company, Makar Yurchenko racing team, IT company Appness, Piranha shooting team, SPB Funk Community.

Order brand shoes

For order are available 22 models of shoes: sneakers, boots, shoes, slips and sandals. To make the design of future shoes unique, we have all the necessary tools.


The employee will be delighted by a steep pair of shoes as a uniform. The comfort and quality of the shoes will allow him not to feel tired longer.


Shoes, as a corporate or motivational gift with attributes of the corporate identity of the company, will distinguish you from competitors.


Shoes, created in the collaboration, will become a powerful element of the advertising company, revealing to customers the depth of your business idea.

A wide range of materials

A wide selection of materials is available to you: leather, suede, split, nubuck, textured leather with embossing and perforation. Also exotic leathers: crocodile, python, stingray, pony leather with nap and vegetable tanned leather. In addition, breathable 3D nets are available for lightweight sneaker options.

Decorate your shoes with your logo

A logo or symbol can be applied in various ways:

  • embroidery (great for contrast and bright display, suitable for both small and large runs)
  • embossed on the skin (the method of applying a picture to the skin using a hot cliche, it looks very noble, suitable for both small and large runs)
  • direct printing (ideal for multi-color images, circulation does not matter)
  • by silk transfer (bright, vibrant colors, but each color is paid separately. Suitable for large runs with 1-3 colors applied)

We apply a signature print on the shoes:

  • laser engraving
  • direct seal
  • embossed
  • stitch
  • embroidery

AFOUR brand collaboration

We are always happy for deeper integration in the form of a collaboration, as was the case with the Chuck meateria restaurant or Bakunin craft brewery. As part of the collaboration, unique sneakers were developed that gave rise to a powerful informational occasion, promotional materials, photos and video were created. What contributed to the attention of the media to the product and the participants in the collaboration.

Let your employees create

In addition to ordering an individual color design of shoes, there is a creative proposal to motivate employees. So for the ATOL company, we provided a set of tools with which each award-winning employee could create his own unique design, the unifying element of which was a red backdrop with the ATOL logo. Thus, employees were not driven into the framework of the corporate style and could show creativity that encourages the management of the company. But all the couples looked like ATOL branded products.

Contact us by if you want to order shoes for your company or make a collaboration with our shoe brand.

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