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Summer is the time of vacations and preventive maintenance, so from July 1 to July 21 our production is resting.

To brighten your wait, we're giving you a discount of 
10% on any order made until July 21 inclusive.
Coupon code: jule24

Summer is the time of vacations and preventive maintenance, so from July 1 to July 21 our production is resting.

To brighten your wait, we're giving you a discount of 
10% on any order made until July 21 inclusive.
Coupon code: jule24

Answers on frequently asking questions

Working since 2009, we have put together a large database of questions about our shoes. For your convenience, all the answers to them are provided below. If you still do not find your question, ask it in the form at the bottom of the page.

Shoe service

As a general recommendation, adults should change insoles after six months of use.


We repair our shoes. To find out the cost of repairs, you need to send a photo of the shoes to 


Use the instruction for the care of shoes and the protection of footwear from salt and reagents>>

Terms of the order

To start, choose a model, decide on the design, by choosing one from the catalog or creating your own using our online shoe constructor (if the model is not yet available, contact us by email). Further pay the order.

​After placing an order, you will receive by e-mail an instruction to measure your feet. After taking the measurements, send them to us with a scan (or a photo with a ruler) of the feet contours. More information about taking measurements here >>.

By receiving your measurements, our experts will pick the perfect size and confirm it with the help of special measuring pair of shoes. After matching the size, design, and payment - your order will go into production. When it is ready, we will contact you so that you can pick up an order or we could send it by courier.

All correspondence we send by e-mail. Therefore, if you are not contacted the next business day, check the spam folder.

Also keep in mind:

Administrators answer questions by email and phone
from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 20:00, and on Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

Goods to order

The standard production lead time is 14 working days *.
We start manufacturing from the moment of the agreement of the order (this includes: the receipt of information about payment, the coordination of the size and the confirmation of the individual order form).

The first time a remote sizing takes about two weeks. For subsequent orders, we use measurements from our database, only specifying that the previous order was sitting as it should.

Once the order is ready, within two working days it is sent to the address specified in the order by your chosen method (which you will be notified by email) or becomes available for self-delivery, which we will notify you by telephone.

If the order is beyond the scope of the standard options available, the date of its manufacturing is negotiated separately.

Goods in stock

If the goods are available, within two working days after the order is agreed, it is sent to the address specified by you in the order, by your chosen method (which you will be notified by email) or becomes available for self-delivery, which we will notify you by telephone or email.

* - we make all orders manually and specially for you, so there is always a small probability of delay. Also the production period is summarized depending on the number of ordered products and the number of upgrades applied to the design.

You can pay for your order by credit card or PayPal ™ payment system.

Ordering on our site is carried out on 100% prepayment.

Full prepayment is due to the individuality of each order. Providing customers with the opportunity to create a design of their shoes, for every order we select materials that are cutting out to stated in the order settings and manually create each pair of shoes.

Worldwide delivery is carried out by the Post of Russia.

The cost of delivery is calculated automatically, enough to put your favorite goods in the basket and enter your city in the appropriate field, you will get the desired value.

The delivery time is calculated together with the cost at the time of placing an order and also depends on your distance from St. Petersburg, where our production is located.

Please note that when you make an order, you can see the delivery time directly, excluding the production time of your order.

International delivery is carried out by the Post of Russia. The list of available countries can be found in the basket section before placing an order or on the Russian Post website.

We have a guarantee, information about it is contained in this section >>

Information on the return and exchange conditions is contained in this section>>

Right shoe size

Hello. Of course you can sign up and come to our showroom and we will find a size for you. We can also show you samples of shoes and materials.


To determine your size, we use our own methodology, read more about it here >>

This is not so, we already have ready-made shoe styles responsible for how the shoes sit on their feet. Our specialists, after obtaining your measurements, pick up the size and, if necessary, adjust the existing shoe according to your foot. This allows us to make the size suitable not only along the length, but also on the width, as well as the volume and lifting of the foot. At the moment, our dimensional mesh is from 34 to 48 according to GOST.

Complex cases we consider individually after receiving the measurements.

No. Orthopedic footwear is a separate branch of the shoe industry, it is more related to medicine and requires the presence of a doctor on the team. At the moment, we sew casual shoes, taking into account your measurements of the features of the structure of the foot. At the same time, we can make shoes taking into account the orthopedic insole already written to you, for this you need to send two types of measurements with and without insole, and if you visit the showroom, you must take the insole with you.

Undoubtedly, as a rule, the orthopedic insole is thicker than usual and makes ordinary shoes more tight. Therefore, if you have an orthopedic insole, be sure to let us know so that we can take it into account while selecting and adjusting the size.

Manufacture of footwear

We have our own production in St. Petersburg, Russia

For our products, we select only high-quality components.

For the top of the shoes we use natural leather, in all its varieties (suede, velour, nubuck, etc.). Also for the top of the shoe we use air mesh, for additional ventilation.

The leather undergoes a careful selection before getting into our palette, available for ordering, mainly leather of Italian, German and Russian origin.As a lining, a combination of leather and cotton fabric is used, and in the winter version, natural wool on a fabric basis.

Insoles are made of EVA and leather, winter insole are made of felt and warmed with wool.

For the sole we use the materials of Italian firms Vibram and Svig, the interlayer for the composite sole is made of light EVA material, also of Italian origin.

See the description of the specific product for the composition of the materials.

Own design of shoes

We made the process of creating AFOUR shoes as simple and convenient as possible.

Go to the section "Create your own design", choose the model you like, an online constructor will open, in which you can change the colors and materials of any part as desired (including soles, laces and pads). After you have collected the design of your pair of shoes, press the button   and copy the generated code into the corresponding field on the right.

Once the design is assembled and all wishes are written, place an order.

If the desired model is not yet available in the constructor, write us your wishes for we will help you to place an order manually.

You need the "Upgrade" section, which can be accessed both from the start page of our site and from the page of the constructor of the model you have chosen. First create a design of the future shoe, after adding it to the basket, add upgrades as separate items. And do not forget to fill in all the fields so that we can as accurately as possible embody your idea.

Upgrades embossing, embroidery, thermal transfer require an image file. The vector format .eps .ai .cdr is best for us. If you do not have the opportunity to prepare such a file, you can attach an ordinary image in the format .jpg or .png, our specialists will prepare it for production for an additional fee of ~500 rubles.

No. If this is not our model, we will not take up its production.

No. We sew and customize only our models.

Yes. For this send your wishes to we will make you an individual calculation. Since 2009, we have already worked with such exotic species as: python skin, crocodile, ostrich, pony skin, vegetable tanned skin.

Gift card

Yes, we have a gift card. It can be ordered with delivery or in electronic form. If the required value is not available on the site, write to us at

Giving shoes without trying them on a thankless task, so we recommend using the gift card, then the shoes will suit.

Add ask


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