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The cleaner from salt and reagents Hiver Winter
The cleaner from salt and reagents Hiver Winter
The cleaner from salt and reagents Hiver Winter
The cleaner from salt and reagents Hiver Winter
Product Code: sphr0533 Saphir

The cleaner from salt and reagents Hiver Winter

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900 ₽
Every winter, we all face the problem of removing white spots and stains from leather shoes. It absorbs salt, water and various chemical reagents, which sprinkle the streets in the winter and which corrode the skin of our beloved shoes. To protect shoes from the damaging effects of salt and reagents, Saphir has developed a special formula for easy removal of stains from snow, salt and water from leather shoes.
Now, with Saphir Hiver-winter, winter shoes will always look clean and well-groomed.

The formula of this remedy is not caustic and not dangerous to humans when used. Also, the remedy is gentle to the skin of the shoe without damaging the coloring layer. A means for removing stains from snow and salt in winter can also be used for shoes made from suede and nubuck.

Mode of application:

Clean the shoes of dirt and dust. Flask with Hiver-winter and shake in circular motions to places where there are spots. Apply the product evenly in a moderate amount, lightly pressing on the skin of the shoes. Remove excess material with cotton cloth. In case of severe contamination, it is possible to make a mask from cotton wool with a moistened Hiver cleaner and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
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Be careful with the color:

The color reproduction of most monitors differs from each other and the color of the finished shoe may vary within a tone.

In addition, the color of the leather may be changed by the manufacturer from batch to batch, so if the shade of the material is critical,

Write about it in a comment to the order, we will send you the current shade of material when coordinating.

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