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Creme Universelle Cleansing Balm for leather
Creme Universelle Cleansing Balm for leather
Creme Universelle Cleansing Balm for leather
Creme Universelle Cleansing Balm for leather
Product Code: sphr0904 Saphir

Creme Universelle Cleansing Balm for leather

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Skin balm Saphir Creme Uneverselle

One of the best tools for delicate shoe cleaning. The formula of this balm was created in 1920 and was so successful that it has not changed to this day. Milk balm is suitable for cleaning shoes and other products from smooth and patent leathers, as well as for reptilian skin products. The basis of the Saphir Creme Universelle balm is a large amount of beeswax (28.9%) and mink oil, which makes this product universal for the care of delicate leather products (sheepskin, lamb leather, calf leather, chevrove).

This is a universal remedy that deeply cleans products from the skin and at the same time maximizes the effect of purity and brilliance. Bringing the leather goods into order does not take much time. Almost immediately the skin becomes clean and shiny. Balm does not leave stains and divorces.

The cream can be used for all items of leather (clothes, shoes, furniture, in the car's interior), patent leather and reptile skin products (crocodile, lizard, snake). Thanks to a special composition in the form of a cream, it can also be used on woven leather products or on a skin of different colors.

Mode of application

Shake the bottle. Apply a balm-milk Saphir Creme Universelle with a cotton cloth on a clean and dry product, wipe the skin. Dry a few minutes and gently polish.

Bottle 150ml., Colorless.

Be careful with the color:

The color reproduction of most monitors differs from each other and the color of the finished shoe may vary within a tone.

In addition, the color of the leather may be changed by the manufacturer from batch to batch, so if the shade of the material is critical,

Write about it in a comment to the order, we will send you the current shade of material when coordinating.

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