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Summer is the time of vacations and preventive maintenance, so from July 1 to July 21 our production is resting.

To brighten your wait, we're giving you a discount of 
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Embossing is the extrusion of a pattern on the leather. Embossing is carried out with a special cliché, which we pre-produce according to your wishes and sketches. Embossing is an excellent alternative to embroidery on shoes - it is durable and allows you to save on repeated orders *. And most importantly it allows you to reproduce quite complex drawings that are not available for other upgrades.

The ordered pair to which the upgrade is applied is automatically transferred to the category of individual design, which affects the return conditions.

* - re-embossing the picture for the following orders - for free! You just need to indicate your desire to repeat the embossing and name the number of the previous order in the "Additional wishes" in the form on the right

Be careful with the color:

The color reproduction of most monitors differs from each other and the color of the finished shoe may vary within a tone.

In addition, the color of the leather may be changed by the manufacturer from batch to batch, so if the shade of the material is critical,

Write about it in a comment to the order, we will send you the current shade of material when coordinating.

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