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Run Lab brand leather sneakers

The Runlab Running Laboratory team is an expert in running shoes and understands its difference from everyday shoes. There is a clear difference in the materials of the top, they should not only remove heat, but also take moisture over themselves throughout the entire working day. The sole should not only dampen the beat, but also effectively support the feet for eight hours. Therefore, our sneakers use denser foam and special sports insoles with support for longitudinal and transverse arch. The leather lining allows you to maintain a microclimate inside the shoe much longer than synthetic. All this makes our shoes an ideal choice for long-term loads.

And of course we didn’t forget about corporate identity. Sneakers were made from a bright combination of black and yellow suede, decorating the heel with a corporate logo. In these sneakers, no one will doubt the professionalism and seriousness of the approach of Run Lab employees. That's why the Run Lab team chose our sneakers!

I want to make sneakers for my team!

10 May, 2019
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