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There is nothing nicer for us than sewing shoes for you, embodying cool ideas and fantasies. Since 2009, we have been working for the good of your legs and eyes, because wearing custom-made shoes especially for you is a special pleasure. And we’re not going to stop! In these difficult days, we work in a limited mode trying to complete already accepted orders, coordinate the sizes of new customers and launch their orders. The home office is also in full swing, we are preparing new models for the designer, we are mastering new knowledge in the world of footwear and its design. The benefit is now more time for reading and additional training. You don’t stop too, now is a difficult time, but only in movement and self-development can we overcome it.

Give yourself futures and support us

We really need your support now, so we offer you futures for ordering shoes at a discount. By purchasing futures you support our team, in return we give you a discount coupon that will be valid for another six months from the end of quarantine. Also, certificates for the purchase of shoes are available for you, during the quarantine period, we increase the paid face value by 20%

PS coupon code will be gratefully sent within two business days from the moment of placing the order. If we do not take out this crisis, we will find a discount for you from our friends and partners.

Support AFOUR

Thank you!

7 May, 2020
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