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Clipless bike sneakers in the collaboration AFOUR x Chain Gang SPB

As part of the AFOUR Cycling project and together with the Chain Gang SPB cycling club, created under the patronage of the iconic craft brewery Brewdog, we created limited cycling clipless sneakers.

In them, you can comfortably dissect on a bicycle, enjoying the system of attachment to the contact pedals of the SPD, and then fasten and drink craft beer in your favorite bar with the full feel of ordinary sneakers on your feet.

The sneakers are designed for cycling with SPD * pedals. They use a carbon base, which provides the necessary rigidity for pedaling, and in the sole there is a niche for attaching the spike to the carbon.

Most importantly, the sole hides the spike, extending its lifespan and not giving you discomfort when walking. Now riding and walking is equally comfortable and you do not need to choose between cycling shoes and regular sneakers.

As part of our collaboration with the Chain Gang SPB cycling club, we created a unique design in the signature colors of the BREWDOG brewery. For the top we used black leather and suede in PUNK BLUE. We decorated the sidewall with the company logo and for the first time applied the technology of reflective embroidery when applying the logo on the heel. Reflective embroidery is designed to increase your visibility while driving both on a bicycle and on foot. The lining is made of AIR MESH for better cooling of the foot while moving, and the leather insole is traditionally decorated with embossed logos of participants.

The presentation of sneakers will be held December 13 in St. Petersburg, in the bar FILLIN ’GOOD, beginning at 19:30

For all visitors, free beer from BREWDOG Russia MBC import, pre-order on favorable terms, gifts and fun in the atmosphere of the FILLIN ’GOOD bar.

See you at the presentation.

Sneakers can be ordered on our website both in the cycling version and in the classic version.

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