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AFOUR Recycle Lab: 20% coupon in exchange for old sneakers!

Every year we help design students create their theses and 2020 is no exception. To create a new one, you first need to understand everything, and what could be better than the analysis of world analogues.

Therefore, we will organize the collection of old original sneakers for AFOUR Recycle Lab. We have a 20% discount coupon in return, and yes it applies to the New Year’s pre-order of shoes, providing an additional discount; )

Sneakers can be brought to destruction in one of our showrooms located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can send us a photo of the couple in private messages and, after confirmation, send it to us by mail or destroy it yourself by shooting a short video.

Waiting for your old original sneakers!

PS We provide the coupon code in exchange for shoes, a video about the destruction or a tracking code for sending it, after agreeing on the photo.

IMPORTANT! We destroy only the original sneakers. 20% coupon discount will be active until February 1, 2020

18 December, 2019
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