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Hiker shoes are a modern interpretation of tourist "hiker-boots", created for hiking - a hike through the mountains. The model was so convenient and easy that it quickly entered the wardrobe of the city dweller.

The reason for this is in a comfortable sole with a soft and elastic middle, but with a fairly stiff surface. This type of soles allows you to go long distances with a heavy backpack behind your shoulders, and without it and even more so. In addition, hikers have special loops for quick lacing, which is convenient, for example, in order to lace up in darkness or simply in inconvenient conditions, the laces are simply thrown on hinges that are riveted to the leather boots of the shoe.


upper - leather; lining - leather + cotton fabric; 
bottom - EVA+Michellin® rubber; insole - Profiled EVA insole with leather coating 

Be careful:

When creating your own shoe design, consider that the color rendition of most monitors can vary within the tone.

* - do not forget to enter the shoe design code that is generated when the button is pressed 

Design examples

leather + cotton fabric
Stitched EVA and Michelin rubber sole
Sports and prophylactic insole of EVA leather backed up

1. You choose the shoe model and design;

Shoe size selection:

2. Take measurements of the foot either on your own according to the instructions, or in our showroom;

If ordering remotely: we make a model of the shoe (it is transparent and will allow us to make sure we have the right size) and send it to you;

3. You try on the model, send us a photo of the fitting and adjustments will be made if necessary;

We follow orthopaedic recommendations when we agree on a size, all of which are outlined in this article, be sure to familiarise yourself with it.

4. Once we're sure you have the right size, we start sewing your order;

5. When ready (12-14 working days) your order is dispatched by the method chosen at checkout.

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