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Men's shoes Hikers

€168 €215

Hiker boots are a modern interpretation of hiking hiker boots designed for hiking - trekking in the mountains that does not require “conquering mountain peaks” and risk to life, but at the same time, requiring a certain endurance from a person to overcome physical exertion.

The model was so comfortable and light that it quickly entered the wardrobe of a city dweller. The reason for this is a comfortable sole with a soft and elastic middle, but with a fairly rigid surface. This type of soles allows you to walk long distances with a heavy backpack over your shoulders, and even more so without it. In addition, hikers have special loops for quick lacing, which is convenient, for example, in order to lace up in the dark or just in uncomfortable conditions, the laces simply wrap around loops that are riveted to the leather berets of the boot. Shoelaces themselves, as a rule, have a contrasting, often bright color. At one time, red shoelaces on mountain boots had a practical purpose, since any bright detail in the campaign will be striking so that a person does not get lost. In our model, the contrasting color of the laces is a tribute to tradition and fashion trends.

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