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Application is a patch, previously cut from the leather of one or more colors. The drawing can be almost anything, but do not forget that it's still the leather and the size of the details should allow them to sew (the minimum width of the lines is 5 mm). The application can be made from any kind of leather, which makes this upgrade very attractive for customizing your future shoes. The possibility of placing the applique on a particular part is discussed separately in each particular case.

To simplify the ordering process, you can attach the desired image and sneakers assembled in the online designer to the order, using the file download form on the right.

Please note that adding an upgrade will require coordination and additional effort in the manufacture of your order, which will increase the period of its production by 3-4 days. The ordered pair to which the upgrade is applied is automatically transferred to the category of individual design, which affects the return conditions.

1. You choose the shoe model and design;

2. Take measurements of the foot either on your own according to the instructions, or in our showroom;

When ordering remotely: we make a shoe mock-up (it is transparent and will allow us to make sure that the size is correct) and send it to you;

3. You try on a dimensional layout, if necessary, make adjustments;

4. We start to make your order

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